Can Do Health & Care - How Do We Heal? System Learning Summit

Will Pope, ICS Independent Chair Will summarised that the event had been inspirational. From the outset we were asked to reflect on hope in a time of anxiety and uncertainty. 6. Summing up As Bishop Martin says, we are all in the same storm but not in the same boat, and as Jon highlighted, we need to learn our way out of the position we are now in. So, Will asked us to bear in mind that when we are in a boat, whilst we can’t control the strength or direction of the wind, we can adjust our sails; this is what we must do, and this can help us to find our way. We have heard powerful contributions about the challenges of reconnecting with our communities, the needs of children and young people, and experiences of workplace anxiety, hostility and poor behaviours. We should recognise that we are not reaching everybody, and so we need to know what everyone’s needs are so that we can design the right services to meet those needs. We need to find the truth in a new world, focusing on the long term needs of all communities to tackle the devastation caused by inequalities. For our workforce, we need to focus on why, how and what we need to do. We need mutual support both in our personal lives as well as our work lives. The change in our organisational cultures is very positive, but we are on a journey, and we need to think holistically. We have more work to do to grasp the challenge of inequalities. We must all think about the powerful point that we have to make it easier for someone to get help than for them to commit suicide. These are everybody’s responsibilities, but we cannot fall into the trap of nobody therefore doing what is needed. We know there is a lot more to do, but we have a learning culture so we can do it. We need Kindness, Compassion, Learning and Equality. And we must not forget that Everybody Matters; no matter who you are, you matter; Everybody Matters. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OUR WINNERS “Well done EVERYONE from us all at ACE Anglia!!!” “This is a really GREAT process, elevating real voices to the top of the systems, how can we authentically keep this conversation, after moments like competitions?” “Kind Courteous Helpful should be added to all the COVID posters!” On our competition: Involvement in the vaccination programme brought hope and healing and a re-energising to many of our burnt out acute healthcare colleagues. Just remembering the intersectionality of life, some people have multi challenges, stacked up this can really create health inequalities. How do we make sure that we all make sure things are accessible for the future to go forward? How do we encourage our communities, particularly the more older and vulnerable residents, to feel safe when visiting town/community centres for goods/services? Being able to utilise tech has given a lot of people we support access to have their voice heard, we must not forget what we have gained. If we are blind to the struggles of others, prejudice and inequality will never be addressed effectively. 14 | How do we Heal? System Learning Summit