Can Do Health & Care - NHS Uncomfortable Truths Report

12 | ICS System Learning: Uncomfortable Truths The Suffolk and North East Essex system has a very good reputation from a professional perspective, but this is a comfort blanket. If we look under the blanket we can hear what communities have to say, both workforce and the public. Please let us listen to them collectively and make decisions collectively. From today, I want us to do things differently. “We are very reliant on signposting to the voluntary and charitable sector. In deprived areas this often means families having to travel, they might take time off work to attend a drop-in service, wait all morning and then not be seen.” “Is our culture driven by templates and our targets for ourselves? Covid taught us that we need to ask our communities how they want to be approached and helped, we need to do the same again for the pandemic we face now.” “Could we start with how our formal Boards and committee meetings listen to people and enable their voices to be heard e.g. changing practices re who speaks and when?” “Racism is endemic in our society, but also prejudice, preconceptions and if you have an inability to articulate your feelings or your fears or your problems you are not going to be heard, you are immediately dismissed.”