Can Do Health & Care - NHS Uncomfortable Truths Report

Part 1: WHY as system leaders we need to address culture to improve outcomes | 33 We also need to humanise our workforce. We have talked about international recruitment, I feel there is a level of commodification that comes with us bringing people from abroad. It almost feels like we are doing them a favour, but it should be a reciprocal arrangement of mutual benefit. International recruitment is important and valuable to us, but we must think hard enough about people’s experiences here and how we support them. Amanda Cherry: I found today challenging, alarming, and I felt a degree of shame that this is where we are in 2023. But I am enormously encouraged by the knowledge, experience and willingness to collaborate of the people here and those we work with. The way forward is to listen to and value lived experience, and at Healthwatch that is our raison d’etre, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience and ambassadors across the service who are willing to share their experiences. Recently we have had to send an open letter as we were appalled by some of the ways our ambassadors had been disbelieved, de-valued and not being given time when sharing their very personal, often traumatic stories to help everybody else. “If you are serious about making change, listen to and believe what you are being told.” We share a lot of information locally and nationally about people’s experiences, our frustration is demonstrating the change. Who is holding ICBs and local authorities to account? “I was really heartened to see the level of honesty and transparency during the sessions. It felt like a very safe space. To build on this will be really important and I can feel the commitment in really tackling some of these longstanding issues.” “As a system we should be self-critical about the activities we do that add value, and those that don’t add value.” “This conference was a very audacious attempt at tackling the decades of inequality that have plagued Health and Social services. These WHY, HOW, and WHO conferences have triggered the mindset that finally acknowledges past poor service and is prepared to be uncomfortable to achieve the much-needed change. I salute you and am grateful to be included in this process.” “The discomfort/anger I feel today, is a physical/emotional pain. The painkiller we all need is action, we have to take it now, and for the long term.” “We have a very tired workforce, we cannot continue to rely on their goodwill, they need a work life balance.”