Can Do Health & Care - NHS Uncomfortable Truths Report

34 | ICS System Learning: Uncomfortable Truths Summary of our learning The uncomfortable truth is that long-standing inequalities persist in health and care. Causal factors include: We know the right thing to do, but we still don’t do it • We say we want to tackle health and societal inequalities, but we still tolerate prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination and abuse. • We have not moved far enough or fast enough together to achieve meaningful improvements in health outcomes. • We fail to learn fully from past failings and recommendations from inquiries, investigations and reviews. • We fail to ensure our evidence and research is inclusive and representative of the populations we serve. • We don’t adequately support those people, organisations and communities who are trying to tackle inequalities in very difficult circumstances. We don’t take the time to understand inequalities and poor experiences • We don’t actively and consistently listen to, believe and seek to understand the very personal, traumatic experiences that people take time and effort share with us. • We don’t put ourselves in other people’s shoes, we dismiss their views and minimise their experiences. • We have forgotten that the people we serve, and the people who work in our system, are human beings with rights, needs and wishes. • We don’t think enough about how what we do, and how we do it, makes people feel. We don’t do enough to create and value a diverse workforce • We allow too many ethnic minority staff and students to fail, through no fault of their own. • We do not promote people who we perceive are different from us. • We place the burden of tackling workforce inequalities on the very people impacted by them. • We exploit our overseas staff to meet our own organisational needs, failing to consider their needs and their ambitions. • We do not value enough the diverse experiences, perspectives and ideas among our workforce.