Can Do Health & Care - NHS Uncomfortable Truths Report

Part 1: WHY as system leaders we need to address culture to improve outcomes | 35 We don’t take responsibility for our action and inaction • We have failed to tackle long-standing inequalities, instead allowing them to worsen. • We have failed to keep our workforce physically and psychologically safe. • We fail to work together to ensure when things go wrong that the same thing never happens again. • We don’t involve and empower people and communities consistently in co-production, decision-making, and oversight of what we do. • We cannot fully demonstrate to people how what they have told us has made a difference. We need to come together to take effective collective action against injustice. We can tackle uncomfortable truths only by accepting: We do not know best: despite our efforts at engagement, we have not shown sufficient humility, listening, respecting, believing and responding to what people tell us. We have not been committed enough: despite good intentions, we do not show through our actions that we really want equity and social justice for our communities and our workforce. We have not done enough: despite our strategies and our programmes, we have not invested enough time and effort, or targeted resources in the right ways to meet the needs of our communities and our workforce. We have not been accountable: despite all our power and influence, we have allowed inequalities to widen. ‘What we do now echoes in eternity.’ ‘Questions for our next event, Part 2 of Uncomfortable Truths: HOW? HOW much of our reality have we really accepted? HOW successful have we been so far at tackling injustice? HOW good are we at taking responsibility? HOW can we change our underlying attitudes? HOW do we start doing the right thing?