Can Do Health & Care - NHS Uncomfortable Truths Report

4 | ICS System Learning: Uncomfortable Truths 1. Start with Why? we want everyone to live well Focusing on outcomes for people, enabling everyone in Suffolk and North East Essex to Start Well, Be Well, Stay Well, Feel Well, Age Well and Die Well. 2. Work Upstream - protect health and prevent ill health Supporting people to live well for longer by intervening early, preventing disease and slowing progression. Building resilience and focusing on the wider determinants. 3. Subsidiarity and ‘Thinking Differently Together’ Working with communities and the VCFSE sector to move care and resources to more local, community-based solutions. Subsidiarity and focusing on place and neighbourhood working. Building VCFSE sector resilience. 4. Equality and Equity Addressing both health and healthcare inequalities for each population segment including the CORE20PLUS5. Driving equity, and equality and diversity for our workforce. 5. An inclusive ‘Can Do’ Health and Care Culture Building a culture of ‘Can Do’ of truly person-centred care, which is collaborative, built on trust and belonging. Being Collaborative, Compassionate, Cost effective, Courageous Community Focused and Creative. How should we be Today’s conversation is Part 1 of 3, starting with WHY we need to change our culture: 1. How are we doing? 2. What is the story behind the curve? Part 2 will focus on HOW we could achieve meaningful change in our culture: 3. Who are the partners who have a role in turning the curve? 4. What works to turn the curve? Part 3 will focus on WHAT we need to do: 5. What is our plan to turn the curve?