Can Do Health & Care - Our Integrated Care Strategy Summary

OUR INTEGRATED CARE STRATEGY IN SIX NUMBERS 1 4 5 6 2 3 ON E M I L L I ON P E O P L E We are ONE team with a shared vision of the best possible health outcomes being a reality for every ONE of the ONE million people that we all serve. F I V E E QUA L S E C T OR PAR T N E R S We believe in parity between all FIVE sectors in the ICS – NHS, primary care, social care, public health and the voluntary community social enterprise and faith (VCSEF) sector. TWO COUN T I E S We work flexibly with wider partners across the TWO counties of Suffolk and Essex T H R E E L OCA L A L L I ANC E S We co-ordinate delivery as locally as possible through our THREE local place-based alliances F OU R CO L L E C T I V E AMB I T I ON S We are united around our FOUR collective ambitions: the best health and wellbeing a genuine reality for all the opportunity of health equality for everyone everyone able to ‘Live Well’ – Start Well, Be Well, Stay Well, Feel Well, Age Well, Die Well a genuinely ‘Can Do’ Health & Care System that people can trust. S I X ‘ CAN DO ’ VA L U E S The way we work together as a ‘Can Do’ Health and Care System is underpinned by our SIX core values: Collaborative, Creative, Courageous, Compassionate, Cost Effective, Community Focused 3