Can Do Health & Care - Our Integrated Care Strategy Summary

COLLECTIVE AMBITION: BEST HEALTH AND WELLBEING Our Collective Ambition is that the ‘Best Health and Wellbeing’ will be a genuine reality for everyone living in Suffolk and North East Essex. We will do this by: taking action across our Integrated Care System to support people and communities to improve their health and wellbeing and prevent physical and mental ill-health which could result in the need for future care and support, loss of independence and premature death enabling people and communities to be resilient by developing a sense of belonging, safety and purpose focusing on where we believe that we can make the most difference to individual health, minimising the risk factors that drive the most death and disability in our population e.g. smoking, alcohol use working with partners to address the wider determinants of health – the conditions in which people are born, grow, live work and age; and inequities in power, money and resources moving our focus away from just treatment towards being a health and wellbeing service supporting rehabilitation, recovery and promoting self-care considering how all partners can intervene earlier to support people to remain healthy and independent for as long as possible valuing the role of local community organisations in strengthening communities, delivering social value and helping families and carers to support independence, health and wellbeing for people and communities. “Just to focus thinking of my physical health… Because if like myself, they’ve got a mental health disability and or a physical health problem like I have, sometimes you feel self conscious and some people aren’t as understanding as others when you go out. And maybe… creating a safe space where people can go and speak to kind of personal trainers, people who are kind enough to volunteer their time to do that.” “At this point in time I am needing support, not care. If I have the correct support now then it will mean that I won’t need care for some years to come.” What matters to me is that the ‘Best Health and Wellbeing’ is a genuine reality for me, because I am able to: be resilient through a sense of belonging, safety and purpose live a healthy life in a healthy neighbourhood with a good home, good work or education, a good environment and a good local community adopt and maintain healthy behaviours – I am able to be active, eat well, sleep well and maintain good mental wellbeing avoid needing treatment and care for physical or mental health conditions in the first place prevent any condition from getting worse, by intervening early and/or slowing or reducing disease progression be able to manage the impact of any lasting illness or condition for either ourselves or those who care for us avoid harmful substances and be protected from avoidable diseases. 5