Can Do Health & Care - Our Integrated Care Strategy Summary

COLLECTIVE AMBITION: ‘CAN DO’ HEALTH AND CARE What matters to me is that I am supported by a genuinely ‘Can Do’ Health and Care System that I can trust – this means that: I am both listened to and heard I am treated with kindness, dignity, respect and compassion I can access support, diagnosis and treatment when I need to I have care and support that enables me to live as I want to, seeing me as a unique person with skills, strengths and personal goals When I move between services, settings or areas, there is a plan for what happens next and who will do what, and all the practical arrangements are in place I have care and support that is co-ordinated and everyone works well together and with me. “I think there should be some more joined up thinking between the two social care and health… at the moment I’ve got a very difficult health condition I’m trying to come to terms with and, which is bad enough, without other stressful situations which I don’t think should be there.” Our Collective Ambition is to enable everyone in Suffolk and North East Essex to be supported by a ‘Can Do’ Health and Care system that people can genuinely trust. We will do this by: Working together as an Integrated Care System that is: COLLABORATIVE – by focusing on system leadership and culture, supporting our people and workforce across all sectors and using population health management through linked data and analytics COMPASSIONATE – by focusing on personalised care in all sectors, supporting family carers and enabling genuine co-production COURAGEOUS – by focusing on enabling equity, inclusion and social justice, ensuring clinical and care quality across all sectors and enhancing the roles of all clinical and care professionals COMMUNITY FOCUSED – by focusing on enabling a resilient VCFSE sector, the importance of volunteering and the roles of Community Connectors, Anchor Institutions and community pharmacy CREATIVE – by focusing on the use of digital, data and technology, innovation and research and environmental sustainability COST EFFECTIVE – by focusing on financial sustainability and the effective use of our collective health and care estate. “What matters to me is that I’m treated with dignity and respect and that people are kind and approachable and that I’m listened to.” 8