Can Do Health & Care - Thinking Differently Together About Sleep

Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System (ICS) 1. Introduction Online event Wednesday 22 September 2021 ‘Thinking Differently Together’ about… Sleep ‘A Healthy Life for Everyone’ is one of the Higher Ambitions for our Integrated Care System. Sleep is an essential component of what it means to live healthily and so as an ICS we need to be at the very cutting edge of how we think about sleep. This is critical for everyone – including those at vulnerable stages of life – people in hospital, children leaving foster care, those experiencing mental ill health and those being supported with dementia. Our event was attended by over 70 people, and we heard from people and professionals about their experiences of sleep and their ideas of how we can improve our own sleep and the sleep of those we care about. As well as hearing people’s experiences of the impact of sleep and thinking about what resources we can bring together to help people in our system, the event also provided us with the opportunity to showcase a set of films under development by Suffolk Mind, and to hear participants’ feedback. Our Chair Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of Mind, highlighted that we can all relate to the issue of sleep and we think a lot about the potential impacts that poor sleep can have on our physical and mental health. When we experience good quality sleep we should never take it for granted. Most of us rely on the bedside clock or the alarm to tell us how well we have slept, and many people today are also using wearable technology to monitor their sleep. Lack of sleep connects to feelings of tiredness, and when this makes it harder to cope with daily life it can impact on our self esteem, our worries and stresses. So this event is particularly worthwhile for all of us who experience difficulties with sleep. Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of Mind 1 | Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System