Can Do Heath & Care - Thinking Differently Together August 2021

“Really interested in this research work, is it covering Essex or Suffolk? Let me know if the Essex Shed Network can help” “Is there support for us (amateurs) that have sought to provide support to at risk individuals; it can be terrifying; not one you would want to get wrong” “Abberton (ART) have BACP counsellors and a trained social worker available for free without delays being able to react quickly and remove stigma” “Is it the generally ‘hostile environment’ that drives so many black men into mental health & high incidence of suicide?” “YANA focuses on farming & rural communities to prevent suicide & improve mental health. Many complex factors to be considered and overcome. YANA: You Are Not Alone – Rural Mental Health Support ( ” “We have a major expansion of the (flu) vaccination campaign on the back of Covid 19. How can we use this opportunity to engage on this and other health issues?” “Some brilliant presenters today. We need more of these wide perspective events on suicide prevention. It really is an issue that affects the whole community.” “Thanks Jayne, your points around language are so important. HOPE is peer led for adults bereaved by suicide clients are definitely affected by language used” “PAPYRUS UK offer support to professionals HOPELINEUK | Papyrus UK | Suicide Prevention Charity ( ” “Through the Population Health Management programme, we identified in the data a cohort woman 16yrs + with depression and anxiety - we need to make a difference” “excellent event but we do need another event to see what more we can do more, especially to tackle the high rates in North East Essex” Thinking Differently Together | 18