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Sharon explained that Petals’ vision is that every parent has easy and timely access to specialist counselling following baby loss. In partnership with hospitals, Petals provides support for a range of losses that families may experience, described in the graphic opposite. Petals also provides support for healthcare professionals with their experiences of trauma and loss. In addition to these services, Petals provides support for birth trauma. At present all counselling takes place online. Referrals can be received from a health professional, or people can self-refer; an acknowledgement of a referral is made within 48 hours so people can be reassured they are able to access the service. They are then able to select a convenient time to talk with a counselling manager within 2 weeks, who will carry out a psychological assessment, -- discuss how they are feeling, identify any risks or whether the person needs to be fast tracked. The person is placed on a short waiting list, not more than six weeks, for a counsellor. Counselling usually lasts no more than six months, after which a post counselling psychological assessment captures how people are feeling now, followed by an evaluation and offer of follow up support. Karen explained that the psychological assessment completed by every Petals client generates a score based on their responses to 34 questions; and the same questions are asked again at the end of the counselling programme. Our data shows that 59.4% of the individuals coming to Petals have clinically defined levels of distress, with anxiety or depression, but, most commonly, trauma. By the end of their counselling the numbers still experiencing clinical distress reduces to 10.32%; deeper exploration of the data shows that these people usually have a history of mental ill-health or previous trauma. Supporting people through trauma and loss 4. How we can work together to make a difference Sharon Cocker, Petals charity Karen Burgess, Petals charity Healthcare Professionals Working with those experiencing pregnancy & baby loss TFMR Termination For Medical Reasons Miscarriage Farly Late Ectopic Recurrent Neonatal Death Neonatal loss up to one year after birth Stillbirth PAL Pregnancy After Loss Antenatal Anxiety 11 | Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System