Thinking Differently Together - First 1,000 Days Of Life

The first key principle of the Petals Counselling Model is to build a strong nurturing relationship between the person or couple, and the counsellor. The quality of our work depends on the quality of the relationship that the counsellor develops during their intervention, and the difference this makes is evident in the feedback we receive from clients. The counsellor will hold and bear the pain that the client is carrying, in a way that it is unlikely anyone else in the client’s circle of support will – those closest to the client will often be carrying the same pain. By being with the client through the process the counsellor is able to build the client’s trust in their own ability to cope, to find and draw on their own resources. The counsellor helps the client to build self-efficacy and confidence that they will be OK in the new world that they find themselves in. They will also recognise how devastating the client’s experience has been, and help the client to find some meaning and purpose in their lives. The Petals model is to support traumatic grief in therapy, recognising parents are grieving loss and experiencing trauma. The four-step process is: Step one Stabilisation, ensuring the client is safe. Step two Identifying resources for coping, helping them feel in control by identifying strengths they can draw on. Step three Processing trauma through therapy. Step four Grief work, helping the client integrate their grief into their lives and move forward in a healthy way. Gemma and Colin are a local couple who Petals supported in collaboration with their bereavement midwife. This is some of their feedback: “The counselling sessions were key, speaking to someone about everything.” “She created such a safe and supportive space.” “I would have got through the pregnancy, but my mental health would have been such a problem.” “My counselling has helped me keep my anxiety under control.” “It wasn’t until after I’d seen my counsellor that I realised how important it was to open up about these things and not go through it alone.” “Life Saving. Without their support I’m not sure I would have put myself through another pregnancy, they gave me the strength to give it one more go – thank goodness we did. Petals Peer Support Facebook groups Our Leaflet Follow us @petalscharity Email: Thinking Differently Together | 12