Thinking Differently Together - First 1,000 Days Of Life

Locally we have been making progress in ensuring we have the resources in place to provide Continuity of Carer for all eligible pregnant people in our area. We want our staff to have a manageable caseload to help them provide high quality care. Our local Maternity Voices Partnerships are also supporting us to ensure we meet specific needs of our diverse communities. “I have to admit that when I was told about the way the new team would work I really didn’t think it was important to have met the midwife, as part of the community team, who would then delivery my baby. However, having had this experience, and being able to compare it to that I had with my first child prior to the establishment of Maple team, my opinion has completely changed. During labour it made a huge difference being supported by both Sam and Claire as I had already met them. I had to be induced which was something I had really hoped to avoid, having had this with my first child. However, this time was completely different. I think this was largely due to the fact the midwives supporting me knew my history, knew my pregnancy, and I felt more confident that they would help me as much as possible to have the birth I wanted. This meant I was far more relaxed which made the world of difference. Throughout the early stages having a midwife there who I’d met before was almost like having a friend in the room. There was no uncomfortable feeling that we needed to make polite conversation and my husband and I were able to feel as if it was just us, but with support there if we needed. During the more active final stage things happened incredibly quickly and the confidence I had in Claire made this so much easier. After the birth we were given the space we needed to bond with our daughter. It felt like it was just us there and again I feel that having met Claire during my pregnancy really helped with this. The follow up once we were back home by Claire and the rest of the team was also a really positive experience as I didn’t have to repeat my story again with someone new. But it also felt like they genuinely cared about how I was getting on and I think this stems from having been involved in the whole process from early pregnancy. I cannot remember the names of any of the professionals who supported me during my first pregnancy, or who delivered my first child. They were all very nice and professional but we did not develop the same relationships with them. However, I will always remember Sam and Claire, and the Maple Team, and I was genuinely sad to say goodbye. Our sincere thanks and best wishes with the team moving forward, Lauren, Dan, baby Edith and big brother Albert.” NHS Foundation Trust East Suffolk and North Essex Thinking Differently Together | 14