Thinking Differently Together - First 1,000 Days Of Life

Our digital innovations to support people in pregnancy and caregiving Rachel explained that there has been a huge number of digital innovations in maternity services in the past year, and shared a summary of some of the more major digital media innovations, their importance and their impact on service users. Digital media incorporates social media, communication, graphics, virtual meets, publications and audio visual methods. Social media The ESNEFT Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) Facebook pages have over 3000 followers, and they share news from all our trusts, current guidelines and articles. They signpost followers to resources, publicise events and surveys, and highlight issues and areas of concern. The wider ESNEFT Facebook page is a well known and trusted source for information and news. It has 9,500 followers, it enables the MVP to cover a vast geographical area and provides a great insight into similarities and differences in how families are feeling across trusts. The MVP’s Instagram page is another great resource to inform and publicise, using the power of the hashtag. It enables us to reach out to people and to network with like-minded accounts. Audio-visual These methods have developed more during the Covid pandemic, as different ways to gather feedback and reach out to service users. We asked for soundbites and filmed feedback. We have a collection of soundbites for a project we undertook based on language choices and respect in the maternity setting. Women and birthing people were able to record soundbites on their phones and send them to us by email or Facebook so they could literally have their voices heard. These experiences have started conversations to ignite improvements and change. We have also provided an online space for women and birthing people to ask questions. We have held virtual Q&A sessions on Facebook both live and recorded, where people can ask midwives about care, or the current restrictions. We have also held online listening events with specialist midwives present to answer any questions. We have also recorded and shared on Facebook virtual tours as people are unable to come onto the ward before the birth. These provide a sense of reassurance and familiarity to the service user whilst visits are on hold. Our Covid vaccination and pregnancy webinar was chaired by Mel Lewis, chair of Ipswich and East Suffolk MVP. It provided an opportunity for women and birthing people to talk about the vaccine and ask questions directly to GPs, midwives and other health professionals about maternity, fertility, or breastfeeding. It was very well received and can be accessed any time on the SNEE vaccination website. Rachel Chilver, Chair, North East Essex Maternity Voices Partnership 15 | Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System