Thinking Differently Together - First 1,000 Days Of Life

The British Association of Perinatal Medicine has developed a framework for FiCare to implement the four pillars, with partnership at the heart of the model. Empowerment involves giving parents the knowledge and the skills they need to parent their child. Wellbeing provides support for families to develop a healthy dynamic. Culture is about the team supporting the family to be the best they can be. Environment involves ensuring that the surroundings and facilities are not barriers to being able to parent the baby. Partnership is about parents being true partners in care, being involved in all decision-making in all aspects of their baby. The model means a shift in perception and a changing culture. The benefits to babies of FiCare include: • Reduced mortality. • Reduced infection rates which in turn leads to reduced antibiotic usage. • Increased breastmilk feeding (including at discharge) and earlier suck feeding, and greater weight gain. • Earlier discharge, with parents feeling better prepared, and a reduced rate of readmissions to hospital. • Sustained effect on the baby’s behaviour, with improved self-regulation observed at 18-21 months (corrected age). Benefits to the family include: • Promotion of bonding, which in turn improves parental wellbeing and reduces parental anxiety. • Increased breastfeeding rates improves maternal health and financial benefits to the family. • Enhances parental confidence at discharge and has benefits for the long-term outcomes of babies and their families. Benefits to staff include: • Empowering them to lead change in their unit, which in turn contributes to happy, cohesive teams. • Greater consistency in care contributes to increased job satisfaction for staff, and greater service user satisfaction which results in fewer complaints and reduced incident reporting. “Help us to help them be the best child they can be, by enabling us to be the best parents we can be from day one.” Nadia Leake, NICU mama 19 | Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System