Thinking Differently Together - First 1,000 Days Of Life

stressed and desperate. Then came in Home Start and I’m so grateful for everything they bring for me and they provide for me. I am blessed because I have like everything, for clothes for the baby. The only thing I buy, it was a blanket from a charity shop, which was £4. And now I have a lot of stuff, like everything for this baby. All this is just from Home Start. I have clothes, I have a blanket, I have a bath for the baby, the products, like hygiene products for the baby. Which is very important. The chair for the baby, which I never dreamed I can buy, on which money? There’s nothing, like I said, there’s nothing left. Even, to go to work I have a car, because I need transport for work, and when the petrol start to be up, that’s a problem, my income was the same and the price goes up. Even food, I buy less, and I eat less. I don’t know what I would have done if Home Start was not next to me. I am alone here, I don’t have family, I don’t have no one. Because a long time ago with my exhusband I was victim to abuse. I was not allowed to have friends and… for me it’s hard… even, I am, I am not that kind of person, I am open, I like to have friends but for me now it looks like it’s too late. For I don’t know how I can explain, even I go to work and I come back, but there’s just work and that’s it. There is nobody for me here, like mother, father, sister or somebody else. And no friends for me. So when I see you coming in my house you know it’s like, I don’t know, it’s a hope for me. I… I enjoy to talk to someone, to tell about my problems, there is nobody there. Yes it’s true, sometimes I talk alone in the house, maybe I have this problem with mental health. I forgot to say about the voucher you sent me from Home Start in the Christmas time. I received it by post because I was with Covid then. And this helped me a lot because I can buy some fruits, fresh ones I want. And um, this voucher I received which will be a lot of help for many, many things like a slow cooking machine. And… you and Natalie were so nice with me and all the time you talk with me and give me hope and was there for me, and looking after me, and… I really feel like I have someone. And I want to say thank you for everything.” Thinking Differently Together | 4