Thinking Differently Together - First 1,000 Days Of Life

A constellation of biases Pregnant or in the year post-pregnancy 566 Physical health problems 342 Mental health problems 198 Overweight or obese 281 Known heart disease 16 Live in deprived areas 168 Smoking 177 Born outside UK 216 Non UK citizen 52 Minority ethnic group 119 Unemployment 94 Non Englis h speaking 22 Aged over 35 210 Domestic abuse 61 Known to social services 131 Delayed antenatal care 107 Previous pregnancy problems 209 566 women died during or up to a year after pregnancy in the UK and Ireland 510 women (90%) had multiple problems Source: MBRRACE-UK- Saving Lives, Improving Mothers’ Care 2020 Maternity is not an isolated event, it is the launchpad of health and wellbeing, and how a baby is gestated influences their long-term health. In Suffolk and North East Essex we have great relationships locally between services and the ideal opportunity to give positive health messages, focusing on those areas where we are above the national averages in pregnancy and childbirth factors. The gold standard would be to think about the best start in life from preconception to gestation to birth onwards, as a launchpad of health and wellbeing. Maternity, public health, social care, the voluntary and community sector, can all contribute at this essential time. We know that families are open to lifestyle and wellbeing messages, but building relationships of trust is essential. We want maternity to be embedded in whole system working to maximise child health outcomes. 9 | Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System